War of Supremacy

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5860 - 5863 II

A war of epic scale raged in the Eastern Lands in the end of the Second Age. It is today known as the War of Supremacy. Four cultures had up till then shared the continent. Kanjo, Yao, Ny-Ago and the Tengar had lived side by side, with extensive diplomatic dealings and trading agreements with one and other.

  • Kanjo lay in the south, an aspiring nation ruled by a caste of warriors. They had military power, but lacked the agriculture and other natural resourcers found with their neighbours.
  • Yao lay in the west, a nation of philosophers and scholars. They had a strong belief in that differences could be overcome through thought and discussion, instead of hostilities.
  • The Empire of Ny-Ago lay in the east, a realm of ancient scholary and military traditions.
  • The vast steppes of Tengria lay in the north, populated by a riding breed of nomadic men.

In 5860 II the agreements would be broken once in for all. Kanjo had prepared for war in secrecy, sending assassins disguised as diplomats and merchants to the capitals of both Yao and Ny-Ago, while large amounts of troops were moved to their borders. When dawn broke on the 10th day of Giarda, the assassins took action, eliminating several important figures in both nations simultaneously as the Kanjite army headed for the capitals.Yao was defeated swiftly, with the capital conquered within days. However, Ny-Ago proved to be a harder foe to defeat. It would take Kanjo three full years to claim the territory of the Ny-Agi and drive them into the sea.

The final, decissive battle took place in a region today known as the Hills of Conquest, a site where the majority of the Ny-Agi army was destroyed. The capital Han-Ago fell soon there after. A large portion of the population, along with their Emperor, managed to sail off to safety. They were to later form the nation of Nar-Ago.

With both Yao and Ny-Agi conquered, the Kanjite turned their eyes on the Tengar. They attempted to subdue the horse-lords for 6 months, before giving up. No campaigns against them with conquest in mind have been attempted since.

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