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The warrior is a solid and dangerous combatant, lacking the disciplined training of the Soldier, but who instead tends to fight according to the traditional methods handed down by his people.

Class Features

Hit Die: d10

Stamina: 4 + Constitution score at first level, 6 + Constitution modifier per following level.

Base Attack Bonus: High

Base Defense Bonus: High

High Saves: Fortitude

Weapon Proficiencies: Simple and Martial Weapons

Armor Proficiencies: Light and Medium armor and Shields (but not Tower Shields).

Skill Points: 6 + Int modifier per level, x4 at first level.

Class Skills: Bluff, Craft Armor, Craft Weapon, Diplomacy, Intimidate, Lore, Spot and Taunt.

Feat Progression

Power Attack (1), Bonus Feat (2), Expert Weapon Proficiency (3), Bonus Feat (4), Bonus Feat (6), Bonus Feat (8), Bonus Feat (10)

Note: The Warrior can pick any feat as a Bonus Feat, they are not restricted to a specific list like for Fighters in vanilla NWN2.

Background Feats

Warriors and Rogues gain feats depending upon the cultural background which they have selected, in addition to the bonus feats which they receive beginning at level 4. Note that these backgrounds are only selectable by Morail and Humans (including Fearanni): while some other races may multi-class into Warrior, they receive no background feat benefits.

Background Feat Listing

Rigorous Maintenance (3):
While anyone can take care of their gear, your artisan's insight into materials and their manufacture has enabled you to develop various tricks and habits which make it much easier for your tools to remain in prime condition.
- The feat hands out a bonus to arms/armor upkeep.

Thick-wristed (6):
You're accustomed to intensively "wielding" a tool-weight hammer for lengths of time that even the most heavily-trained warriors would consider excessive, and when you want to, you can transmit an appalling level of force through one with little or no effort. While not exactly the most effective weapon on Charun, you can use a smithy-hammer to seriously "ring somebody's bell" if you connect. When equipped with a light hammer (and ONLY with a light hammer), the character gains the Stunning Fist ability.

Hitting with Buildings (3):
You've learned the hard way how to hit someone with a building, or even the ground, by making putting somebody on the ground head-first, or by propelling them into any handy nearby objects, such as nearby pillars.
- The feat is useable 3 times per day. Bullrush; make an opposed dex check to stun the opponent for 2 rounds).

Soaking it up (6):
Sometimes, if you're lucky, when you're too tired to get out of the way, you've managed to just turtle up and take an impact that would otherwise have knocked you cold.
- The feat is similar to the rogue's defensive roll, which it augments, but requirng a fortitude save rather than reflex save, and it only works against bludgeoning objects.

Higher Purpose (3):
Your devotion sometimes causes others to roll their eyes in disbelief, but that's not a problem. Their disdain merely demonstrates the steadfastness of your belief.
- The character gains -1 diplomacy, +1 will save.

Bloody-Minded (6):
The distractions and dangers of the world have grown to mean less and less; one way or another, your cause will succeed.
- The character gains a +3 save bonus vs fear.

Koshing Blow (3):
Here, Mally, he taught me. Don't fight the prat, that might hurt. Come up on his blind side with your cudgel and tap him real hard under the ear like THIS. Man, that hurt, but I learned the lesson real quick.
- If wielding a bludgeoning weapon, the character can inflict daze against a flat-footed opponent.

Use Poison (6)

Waterman (3):
I swear, after all these years, sometimes I'd rather swim than walk.
- The character gains a +5 bonus to swim checks.

Crow's Nest (6):
That fellow spends more time hanging off of things than he does with his feet on the deck.
- The character gains a +5 bonus to climb checks.

Fighting Fencers (3):
The whole place is cheek-to-jowl with people who think they know how to parry.
- The feat grants Skilled Offense.

Mocker (6):
That man is amazingly good at getting under peoples' skin. - The feat grants a +3 bonus to taunt checks.

Uncanny Dodge (3)

Opportunist (6)

(Journeymen Only):

Juggler (3):
The Journeyman is accustomed to using physical tricks to amuse, amaze, and get himself into and out of trouble. - The character gains +2 Sleight of Hand, +2 TumbleĀ“.

Outrageous Liar (6):
The Journeyman has been everywhere and done everything ("Did I ever tell you the time I had dinner with the great dragon Eatemallup?"), inventing egregiously untrue tales on the fly with a straight face, which makes him a delight in a crowd of small children, but also makes it very hard to tell whether he's trying to keep a straight face while telling a lie -- it doesn't seem like he even has a straight face. - The character gains +2 perform, +2 bluff.

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