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How much do commoners earn in Charun compared to adventurers? The difference in earnings is quite large, where an adventurer risking his life can earn hundreds of times as much as a mere labourer.

One could easily draw a pararell to a real life bank robber, or a gambler engaging in a game of russian roulette if taking it to the extreme. An adventurer is a person choosing a lifestyle that involves the unknown, high expenses and an existence continuously accompanied by death. A commoner on the other hand remains in the comfort-zone of his daily life, where he manages to feed himself, and where the worst unexpected events would involve illness or thefts instead of death in the hands of an ogre.

There are naturally large differences between cultures and regions, but the following information fits well with most civilised and somewhat safe settlements of Charun.


Common Earnings

The costs related to upkeep don't include unexpected costs for medicine, healers, accidents, thefts or such.

Common Labourer

  • A common labourer earns 5 sp/ day, or 140 sp / month.
  • The upkeep costs approx 100 sp / month, leaving roughly 40 sp in profit per month, which is used to buy clothing, household items, spent at the tavern etc.

Skilled Craftsman

  • A skilled craftsman, or a small business owner, can make gp per week equal to 5 times his skill check, be it appraise, craft armour or something else. A 1st level craftsman with skill focus and a above average Int score can have a +10 modifier on his skill check. He will thus make 250 sp per week. or 1000 sp per month.
  • The upkeep for a craftsman is higher, around 200 sp per month, since the craftsman has expensive tools, a business to run and protect and so on. This leaves roughly 10000 sp in profit per year, which could be used to expand the business, buy an expensive trap to his shop or stuff in his mattress.


The cost of a slave varies greatly, depending on their health and skills. The average price for a healthy labourer, without any special field of expertise is somewhere around 5000 sp. To that is added the upkeep and lodging (usually as low costs as possible), as well as guards in most cases. Many prefer slaves instead of hirelings, since they are unable to leave due to mistreatment, surfacing dangers or inhumanly long days of work.

More about: Slavery


Your character may have as many hirelings as he can afford. They are not to be confused with Followers. Hirelings tend to stick around for as long as the pay equals the job requiring to be done. They do as they are told, seldom making decissions not directly impacting themselves.

The cost of each hireling must be paid in advance. The cost depends on the skill and profession of the hireling and it includes all required equipment, lodging and meals. Mistreatment, surfacing dangers and similar things can lead to hirelings leaving, and they take their wage for the paid infront period with them.

  • Common labourer: 2000 sp per year or 200 sp per month.
  • Craftsman, such as a smith or a carpenter: 15000 sp per year or 1500 sp per month,
  • Class-specified hireling, such as a fighter or wizard: 5000 sp x level per year or 500 sp x level per month.
  • Hirelings of level 7 or above are rare. Even if found they are usually interested in being hired for no more than a month, even though exceptions do occur. They tend to be more expensive as well, demanding everywhere from 2500 sp to 5000 sp x level per month.

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