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Spiders in Webwood
Spiders in Webwood

Between the forests of Borderwood and Orcwood lays a forest shrouded in darkness. A thick canopy of dense foliage lets few rays of light hit the rocky cliff paths, closely gathered trees, and webweed bushes that make up the forest underbrush. The air is laced with the scent of stale death, only intensified by the thin laces of spider silk that dangle along the branches of the silent and still forest. Webwood was clearly named due to the ever present infestation of giant arachnids that roam through the dark paths, tunnels and cave systems.

A poorly kept path, a previous route of the famed Trail of Gold, runs through Webwood allowing travellers to quickly pass in the shortest time possible. Visitors are scarce though, with the overhanging threat of becoming spider fodder. Wudorcs from Orcwood are also spotted frequently within Webwood, as their hunting parties gather spider carcasses for their own purposes, as well as Webweed to produce poison from.

There are even rumours that the Dhazzir have rebuilt their underground passages that were destroyed in the Cataclysm. The added threat from the dark elves makes the forest even more perilous, and a destination avoided by all but the most experienced.

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