Wilfred Farrell

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281 IV -

Bishop of the Three Isles
Wilfred Farrell
Wilfred Farrell

Wilfred Farrell has been a part of the political and religious scene of the Three Isles for more than half a century, and he has since he became the bishop in 336 IV been a member of the Council of Isles, the ruling organ of the nation. Surviving in an enviroment filled with intrique, threats and ruthless competition requires both wits and experience, and Farrell has plenty of both.

Wilfred's father was a priest of Brunir, and he received a strick, religious upbringing in their middle-class home on Trade Isle. Apparently the youngster revolted against his father when becoming a teenager, running away from home and taking service on a merchant ship. Not much is known his early years following that, but Farrell has mentioned travelling around the Heartland and the Wastes, as well as paying a few visits to the Old Land.

In the summer of 307 IV Wilfred suddenly returned to the Isles, where he learned that his father had passed away just six months earlier. This tormented him, due in his absence he had learned to appriciate the family and the faith he had abandoned, which he never got to tell is father. The following year Wilfred began pursuing priesthood within the Brunite temple, where he quickly became an asset with his quick wits and experiences from abroad. Farrell became the high-priest of the Isles temple in 325 IV, and was elected the bishop in 336 IV.

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