Will Goodman

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885 III - 913 III

(Character played by LordDragon23 during the NWN1 installement of WoC)

Martyr of Teardrop

Will Goodman
Will Goodman

Will Goodman was a native to Teardrop village, a priest of the local temple of Giardain and a passionate defender of good. He risked his life more than once while fighting evil and keeping the nation of Elmwood safe from threats, which took him far and wide around the Western Lands. However, the priest’s heart always remained in Teardrop village, which is where he decided to retire after years of adventuring when he heard of the village mayor Saliya Arsay’s murder. It was obvious that evil had found its way into Teardrop, and that his presence was needed there.

Will Godman was elected mayor of Teardrop soon after his arrival, due nobody else dared to volunteer for the task after the brutal murder of Arsay. His long experience from travelling around Charun quickly came in handy as he began fortifying the village through walls, towers and a local force of men-at-arms. These guards consisted mainly of former members of the Armed Forces of Elmwood that had left when the nation fell into the hands of Baron Stern. Goodman also showed proof of his diplomatic skills when he struck a pact of defense with the Holy Martyrs of Narghal that resided in a fortress north of Teardrop Village. The knight order, that was dedicated to reclaiming Narghal from the undead, agreed on defending the region north of Teardrop, as well as arriving to aid the village would they be in danger.

When Abbadon launched his Second Dark Crusade, Will made the decision not to join the ranks of adventurers that headed out to fight the fiendish warlord. Perhaps he suspected that the war would eventually be brought to his own doorstep, in which case Teardrop village would need him. War never arrived to Teardrop, due Abbadon and his host were halted in the battle known as the Niematharin Stand, which would lead to the Cataclysm, ending the Third Age.

Teardrop village was utterly destroyed in the Cataclysm, with huge tidal waves washing away both structures and people. Will Goodman used all his powers to help people to escape, before being washed away himself into certain death – a conscious choice to sacrifice his own life in benefit of those he could save, which led to him being known today as the “Martyr of Teardrop”.

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