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5921 II - 911 III

The Mad Vampire Lord

Insanity in undeath
Insanity in undeath

Alouin Zelkheir was a powerful wizard in Narghal who is believed to have been infected by Vampyrism by Ardain Moloth, king of Narghal. Already known for his mental instability in life, his condition worsened severly in undeath. After the final battle that ensured the victory of the vampires, Zelkheir is believed to have been banished from the realm after ending up on bad terms with the king and several other powerful vampires. Dismissed without his coffin - the key to a vampire's immortality, Zelkheir travelled south.

It is believed that he crossed the forest that would soon thereafter be claimed by the Niematharin, becoming the Green Glade, continuing south through the maze-like cliffs. Settling down in what today is known as the Forest of Shadows, he began creating what would become his invisible tower - a great fortress with gruesome guardians that would protect the coffin-less vampire. His presence eventually led to the corruption of the entire forest, with the flora and fauna twisting and turning towards the evil of their master. Few know what horrors went by in the sinister tower, other than rumours of lobotomised victims, wandering undead and a great demi-lich guardian.

The invisible tower was destroyed on the 24th of Thilian 911 III. A party of some of the most powerful heroes ventured there and managed to seek out its master, Zelkheir, and slay him. Many of them had attempted to accomplish this task for years with meagre success.

They were:

The King and Queen of Green Glade expressed their gratitude and offered them all sanctuary within their realm and the right to walk the forest of the Niematharin.

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