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Killed in 908 III


The northern Stormy Cliffs were claimed by the ancient dragon Zhazhrurat during the Third Age. She had attracted an entire cult of Saurian worshippers that dwelled adjacent to the lair, which they had constructed to more resemble a fortress than a dragon's lair. These cultists had begun terrorising the region, far and wide, demanind tribute to their dragon deity. They were also blamed for dissapearences, where people were captured and sacrificed to the dragon.

Zhazhrurat was slain in an epic battle by adventurers on the 15th of Destan 908 III, which also saw her cult destroyed. Certain defeat was turned to vicotry due to the powerful wizards in the group, and magic ended up winning the day. However, a handful of cultists were believed to have escaped, carrying Zhazhrurat's eggs - a deed that is believed to have enabled the birth of other dragons, among them Ranuthruarzar.

The heroes who killed Zhazhrurat were:

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