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Believed to have hatched during the first century of the Third Age.


Zizhrellah has been known to inhabit the Desert of the Sand Snake since the 7th Century of the Third Age, where he has enjoyed a god-like existence ever since as the object of worship from the Sand Snake tribe. It is believed that the relationship began with the Sand Snakes being forced into offering the dragon both food and valuables, which later, with new generations of men, developed into a state of worship, where the shamans saw the wyrm as a manifestation of Shanrom.

Zizhrellah is believed to dwell in a large cliff, shaped by the Sand Snakes into a circular place of worship with an altar on top and a deep chasm down into the dragon's lair. Zizhrellah could probably enter and leave through the chasm when he was smaller, but now as an ancient dragon, he can only fit his head into it. This is enough though, since the Sand Snakes make it a habit to leave sacrifices, be they animals or men, hanging on ropes from the edge and down into the dragon's reach. This leads most sages to believe that he has another way of entering and leaving the cave, probably deep beneath the sand and out of reach for men.

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