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The Spellmaster

Zurkan is the force of magic on Charun. Some of his followers believe that the god is in-corporeal and actually consists out of pure magical essence. It is said that it was Zurkan who taught the art of magic to mortals, aiding them in channelling the powerful energies involved. It is also said that even the Gods seek the consultation of the Spellmaster when greater knowledge of the arcane is needed. Without Zurkan there would be no magic, and without magic the Spellmaster would cease existing.




Magic (Mages, Spellcasters, The Arcane)

Status in the Fourth Age

The arrival of the New Powers greatly shook the faith of Zurkan. Suddenly there were a great number of powers able to grant arcane powers to mortals in return for their devotion. Zurkan was no longer the only deity with mystic-priests, instead he was one of many. This has led to the majority of those yearning for arcane powers to seek the attention of the New Powers. However, Mórail and Mubuluki wizards still hold the Spellmaster as their patron deity. None of the New Powers can offer the complexity and depth when it comes to magic as Zurkan can. This has led to the "Devoted Faction" within the faith to grow nearly ten times as big as the "Legacy Faction".

The only place where the Spellmasters faith is unchanged is Mubuluk, where it is the state religion and the only allowed one to have temples.


It is hard for a non-initiated to differ between a standard arcane ritual and a ceremony dedicated to Zurkan. Both involve casting magic and if possible, the use of various components. The biggest difference is that where the arcane ritual could be about conjuring, transmutation, divination or such, the religious ceremony has a further, deeper meaning. It is about praising magic and Zurkan through the show of arcane skills. Where invokations are chanted in the act of casting a spell, prayers are heard instead in the ceremony.

Gatherings in temples and shrines usually hold similar, larger-scale ceremonies on Godsday, the last day of the week. They can be quite the spectacle, often attracting curious crowds - if the ceremony isn't kept behind closed doors that is. Temples are found on the Three Isles and in large numbers in Mubuluk. Smaller shrines also exist, spread across Charun.


The followers of Zurkan are most often found amongst those that practice the arcane arts. They are divided into two factions, both pursuing different paths when seeking perfection within the Spellmasters teachings. There is no open hostility in between these factions, they both visit the same churches and attend the same ceremonies. Their differences are displayed more through heated discussions behind closed doors.

The Devoted faction: This faction consists of wizards that see study and scholarship as the only true way of mastering the arcane. They praise intelligence and the power of the mind and are found nearly exclusively among the Mubuluki and Mórail.

The Legacy faction: This faction consists of mystics that believe that they are chosen at birth by Zurkan to wield the powers of the arcane. They praise the power of their persona that is needed in order to control the powerful energies that they are imbued with.

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Priests of Zurkan seldom wear armor, preferring the quarterstaff as their weapon of choice. Traditionally they dress in flowing, grey robes with shimmering silken threads woven into the fabric. In Mubuluk the clergy consists out of both mystics and wizards, while the Mórail priests are blessed with divine powers from the Spellmaster, which doesn't stop them from practicing wizardry as well.


Major Domain: Zurkan
Minor Domains: Abjuration, Unfathomable

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A crystal ball, sometimes hovering against a turquoise sky, symbolizes Zurkan. The sky represents the border between the unknown and the known, and the crystal ball stands for arcane power that enables the travel through that border, into the unknown.


Shimmering Gray

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